Customized gift baskets

Don't know what to give someone or short on time? Gift baskets are a great way to make a personal gift for family, friends, or colleagues. Almost everyone loves and appreciates the gift of food, snacks, flowers, and much more as the combinations and possibilities are endless.

Gift baskets are a perfect way to say how you feel to that special someone.

Gift baskets

Kick Back and Relax with a Day at the Spa

Have you ever been stuck for a novel gift idea for a loved one? Looking for something that is personal, thoughtful and will be genuinely appreciated by the recipient? Need corporate gifts with a human touch? Need to buy a gift for someone who needs a bit of pampering? Then a spa gift certificate might just be the answer.

Day spas will offer packages that include treatments, luncheon, use of facilities and quite often special 'goodie bags'.

Most spas and treatment rooms will offer gift certificates, vouchers or cards. This is a superb way of pampering someone special without getting sore feet running around from store to store looking for that illusive perfect "something".


Get Someone's Feet Moving with Dance Classes

Are you looking for the perfect, unique gift for a special person? Try dance lessons! No matter what the occasion, dance is something everyone can enjoy and have fun with.

Most dance studios offer a number of dance instruction packages, and you don’t have to have a partner (ideal for those who fear their own feet). Whether you purchase vouchers or gift certificates for a single class or series of lessons, dancers in the dark can emerge equipped with the necessary skills to swing, salsa, and tango across a ballroom, nightclub, or wedding reception dance floor.

Dance classes for adults

Forget the Movies... Enjoy a Night at the Theatre

If you're looking for a great gift idea for family, friends, and business associates, you have just found the ticket! They make the ideal gift for any keen theatre-goer or those that have never been before.

Theatrical performances offer a night of laughter, excitement, suspense, and joy. Give the gift that will enrich, educate, and entertain your family, friends, or colleagues by providing them with admission vouchers or tickets. Many theatres will allow you to purchase vouchers that can be used for any of their performances within the same calendar year if given as a gift. So forget the big screen and prepare yourself for the big stage!

Theatre and performing arts

Send Someone's K9 to Cloud 9

Looking for some inspiration when it comes to finding a great gift for a dog owner? Just about any friend or family member who owns a dog will appreciate a gift certificate to a local dog groomer!

A dog grooming gift certificate is guaranteed to be a much-appreciated present on a day when the gift recipient is in need of a bath and brushing. This is especially the case during tough economic times when many pet owners bite the bullet and groom their dog at home to save money. A gift certificate to a local dog groomer will provide a nice break for the dog owner, who can spend the afternoon partaking in an enjoyable activity, rather than wrestling with a wet, shampoo-covered dog in the bathtub.

Treat someone's K9 to a day at the doggy spa

Book a Holiday Vacation or Weekend Getaway

It's that time and you’ve earned and deserve a vacation. But where will you decide to go? You want to plan a vacation but you also want to find good deals and save some money. Many people will plan their whole trip around some hotel.

They will try their hardest to find a four star hotel in a specific area and then they will plan the rest of their vacation around the hotel. You will want to do everything that you can to make a good vacation, but you need to do the research.

Contact your local travel agency for trip information, promotions, and last minute travel deals!

Book a vacation or weekend getaway for two

Hire a Photographer for a Personal Photoshoot

Treat someone to the ultimate photo shoot experience with a voucher or gift certificate. Imagine the glowing sparkling lights of the studio, the picture-perfect look that would make anyone feel like a real celebrity as your photographer leads you to the photography studios for your shoot.

Hiring a professional photographer is a great gift idea for couples as well. Smile and capture the magic and love between you in a photo shoot specially designed for couples. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, or simply capturing a special moment in time, a couple's photo shoot is a great way to express your love.

Hire a photographer to take beautiful portraits of that special someone

Does Someone Have a Green Thumb? Surprise Them with a Gathering of Garden Supplies

Tools are always a great idea for anyone with a green thumb. If you have new homeowners on your gift-giving list, consider buying them some larger tools, such as a shovel, digging fork, rake or even larger items such as a wheelbarrow or patio set. Don't forget about those handy accessories, from kneeling pads, to watering cans and wands, pruning saws and pruning snips -- there's a wide variety of tools and accessories for every budget.

You can make up your own gardening gift basket by filling a decorative pot with gardening gloves, small tools, fertilizer, twine and other smaller items.

In the new year, many gardeners will want to get a head start on spring by starting seeds and cuttings indoors. Gifts of seed trays/inserts, soil, peat pellets, plant starter fertilizer and rooting hormone will help give them a jump start. While gardening does require warmer temperatures, winter is also the perfect time to settle in with a gardening book full of possibilities and dream of spring projects.

For the gardener who seems to have all the tools and plants they would ever need, look for an interesting piece of garden art that you feel would appeal to them. Garden signs, stepping stones, benches, lanterns, bistro and patio sets all help to make an outdoor living space unique and interesting.

Pickup some gardening tools and supplies for that special someone with a green thumb

Decorate Someone's Home with a Work of Art

The best kind of gift is personal, unique and of course a surprise! Purchasing fine art as a gift doesn't have to break the bank. Most of the time you can pick up a masterpiece very inexpensively if you do some research. Artwork makes a great gift, especially a commissioned original, because it is unique, personal and lasts several lifetimes.

A painting also makes the perfect corporate gift to celebrate and commemorate those special events, such as anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, loyalty and corporate hospitality.

Swing by your local gallery and pick up an art piece for a truly impressive gift

Cycling Equipment for the Outdoor Enthusiast

If you want it to be a surprise then get as much information about the type of cycling they do, a preferred brand of cycling equipment they use or just generally snoop around to get this information without them knowing. Take this information to a local sports or cycle shop and ask the people there for their advice.

Are they mountain bikers or road cyclists? Do they passionately cycle for hours or just go out to blow off some steam and have fun? Maybe they only use their bicycle to commute. Knowing this will help find a more personalized gift.

Head on down to your local bicycle shop for some gadgets or equipment for someone that likes to travel on two wheels

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